Basam stores was established in 2008, we specialise in all forms of Afro-Caribbean & Asian foods, We also sell a range of beauty and cosmetics products from around the world.

Basam stores have developed a reputation for providing excellent service from our previous location based in Clondalkin. Our history says it all about us, and our promise is to always give all our potential customers the very best..  



Meat, Poultry & Seafood

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Fruits & Vegetables

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Spices, Seasoning & Condiments

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Haircare Products

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Skincare Products

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Hair & Beauty

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Customers are saying really nice things about us. See some of the reviews below.

Best place to get all your freshly African groceries.

Will be doing my shopping here going forward!

Parma taxi service

Nice and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend this business to everyone as it’s very reliable when it comes to sending African foods, hair & beauty products.

Joseph Onuma

Nice and friendly atmosphere
All your fresh and fried African food at a very reasonable price.

sylvia Algboje

They are very helpful here, and with a great service.
I got my okro here, so fresh…
Highly recommended.

Róisín O' Driscoll

Very good customer service and assistance. Highly recommend.


this store is amazing🤩such a wide variety of products for everyone. Atmosphere is welcoming from everyone within the store.

Bright Amayo